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News From the Front, a new e-chapbook, is now available on the Dead Mule...


Sometimes poems come to me like guilty Saturday matinees, movies you would never watch unless you were home sick with the flu; chicken & stars steaming on the side table beside you, your mother on the phone in the other room. Your head is enlarged and the sunlight falls greasy and pointed upon the yellow wallpaper of the television room.

This October, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature published my new electronic chapbook of poetry, News From the Front,collection of war themed poetry. Many of the poems have discovered life elsewhere: The Delaware Poetry Review, Anderbo, Xanadu, & Winning Writers: War Poetry. 

Please enjoy.

Seven Days from the Mountain, a young adult adventure & retelling of the Odyssey, is available for the Kindle and will be featured in a Young Adult Publishing Blog in November.

 About Seven Days on the Mountain

"The action in Whitaker's prose flows crisply, and was exciting to the point where I would want to turn the page before I was done reading."-- Nate McFadden



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#PresidentBannon, feudal #America. Dugin's influence on the White House

Op Ed. Ramble.

Steve Bannon is often described as a Neo-Nazi, or just a Nazi. He really isn’t. That’s way too simple.  He knows his Nazi imagery and iconography, evident from the “America First” inauguration speech, the lingo of the campaign, plus the regime’s early policy. Bannon claims to be a Nationalist, one with an originalist view of the Constitution, much like Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s pick for SCOTUS.  So what do you get when you thread a Fascism fetish, Old-School Constitutional thinking, and capitalism?  

American feudalism.

A loose federal government, controlled by a strong military, the oligarchy ruling class lording over the spoils of the states which would possibly be recombined, even, into loose nations, pooling resources, and trade leverage.

Dystopia schmopia.  And how would that even happen?  

We’ll have to go through Russia to get there. If you’re just catching onto Steve Bannon, and Stephen Miller for that matter, two power hungry conservatives running the Trump machine, t…

Grateful to have "Young" & "From Here You Can See New Atlantis" up at @ManzanoMtn, new work in Dreamstreets,and two poems up at @PoetryShore

The folks over at Manzano Mountain Review have graciously selected "Young" and "From Here You Can See New Atlantis" (about floods and eco disasters) for their Winter Issue. You can read them here.

Dreamstreets, one of the oldest literary journals in Delaware, showcased some new poems in their Winter Issue, which you can view here.

If you didn't see my new work up at The Shore, a gorgeous new literary journal out of Salisbury, MD., check out "From End of America Fanasmagoria" here, and a poem about my cat, or catwife (that's her, above)  here.

Some new short fiction is forthcoming in 2020, and my novel of weird fiction is still forthcoming; it takes a while to edit an 800 plus page horror-thriller novel.

Pre-order Shout! From Not A Pipe Publishing! #resistance #spec-fic #poetry #fiction

Grateful to have a surreal fantasia poem included in Shout! from Not A Pipe Publishing, a passionate small press out of Oregon. Proceeds from the anthology will go to RAICES, The ACLU, and other organizations to help families affected by current immigration policy.  Order here.