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New poems in K'in, Ghost City, Panoply, & Welter

New work in these fine literary journals. Grateful to Mary Carroll-Hackett, Semein Washington, Brigid Hokana for publishing my prose poem   "What the Fire Said to the Arsonist"   in the newest edition of K'in. Shout out to Ghost City Review's Justin Karcher, Jack Bachman, & Kevin Bertolero for publishing   "Flagpoor". Thanks to Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn, over at Panoply for publishing "Old Man Winter on the Marsh." Big shout out to Betsey Boyd, Emely Rodriguez, Adrearna Fleet, Chris Hart, Tim Huber, and Stevie Sanchez over at Welter, for publishing my prose poem "The Butcher & the Wild Child".
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Action fans, splatterpunk geeks, pre-order Lethal Impact from Dragon Soul Press, featuring my marshpunk survivalist action thriller. "Nate had already begun to fret about the fever that would come later that night. Bacteria, homegrown in what had been Manhattan, would blossom."

Pre-order the action thriller anthology Lethal Impact from Dragon Soul Press. Featuring one of my dystopian stories, "Don't cough in Marshpunk Territory". Set in flooded out NYC, this pulp tale is a survivalist action thriller, and part of a larger eco-dystopian world. You can read the original story, "How the Dun-in Man Got His Name" in Helios Quarterly's Best of Anthology, which dropped this summer. A novel-length work set in this world is in progress. Synopsis: Two outlay scouts fight their way through a flooded NYC wasteland. "Scraped by a marshpunk’s rusty pike, Nate wrapped his wrist and his forearm with the bandage the Dun-in Man had given him. Dried blood spotted the bandage like a cock-eyed face, and Nate had already begun to fret about the fever that would come later that night. Bacteria, homegrown in what had been Manhattan, would blossom." Pre-order link:

Small press roundup. Blue Nib, Golden Walkman Magazine Podcast, DisQuiet Arts, Helios Quarterly, Lethal Impact, Fourteen HIlls

New poems over at Ireland's  The Blue Nib " Somewhere a radio plays “Turn the Page” and your age comes in clips, synaptic breaks, so much is lost in the moment and regained" "Spotted Owl Hunting in a Brief Storm" is included in The Golden Walkman's" new episode     " A lake loves itself,  laps, and laps and laps. How cold water, the mother well.  How cold the sky up turning now" A short (about a 1000 words) horror tale is up at DisQuiet Arts . " Vic would late r recall the unzipping sound of wet skin and viscera ripping down as black flies came out of her father’s throat, the vomit still hanging on his lips as he tore his face.  " My Mad Max with Boats tale, "How the Dun-in Man Got His Name" is included in The  Best of Helios Quarterly.   " Irrevocably altered by climate change, a lone man alludes sharks and  mar shpunks in near-future Boston."  The same character from the aforementioned tale shows up in "Do

Grateful to be included in Fourteen Hill's new issue!

Fourteen Hills  is out of San Francisco State, and a fine journal. Grateful to be included in this issue alongside many fine poets. The virtual release party is on June 11th. Not sure if I'm scheduled to read. Probably. I'll guess I'll find out. This poem is about climate change's impact on agriculture on the Eastern Shore. Flood water and flood waste can ruin a fine field of potatoes. Anyway, this poem is from a cycle of poems about climate change, economic depression & recession, and of course sound. Poor Yuck Mouth is a bitter old despot. Thank you Nik Greene, Chandler Fitchett, Elizabeth Rosas, and Dodie Bellamy for including me!

"Privacy in a Small Town" up at The Citron Review

My poem "Privacy in a Small Town " is up at the Citron Review, part of their 10th-anniversary celebration this year. They were fine folks to work with.  Check out the other poets as well, Michael Lauchlan & Leah Mueller. This poem is also in Neighbors, an anthology from the folks at  Crack the Spine , who were also super easy to work with. PSA: Stay home. Make a gratitude list. Practice social distancing! Support small presses & literary journals.

APEP Publications, releases These Poems Are Not What They Seem

Twin Peaks fans will find much to admire in this handmade chapbook from APEP Publications, from Chewsville, MD, a small press with fantastic aesthetics. There are several fellows I already admired, and it's glorious to share this cool book with them. My contribution is a prose poem about addiction, obsession, walking, recovery, and fear. And about Laura Palmer being reborn again as Carrie Page. Personal note: Reminds me of what Finishing Line used to do, hand made books that felt great in the hands. Their catalog looks edgy to boot. Stay safe. Stay frosty. The chair is against the wall.

Neighbors Anthology, from @CrackTheSpine, out now!

Grateful to have a poem, "Privacy In a Small Town", in Crack The Spine's new Neighbors Anthology. Read about it here. "Ask someone who lives in a small town  to swallow a Ferris wheel and they will  turn over secrets to a happy life. "