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One of those moments

The great thing about being a fine arts teacher is witnessing students challenge themselves to create. Over the last two weeks I've observed my drama students struggle, start, stop, obsess over,and stress over the ten minute film due at the end of the semester.

The rules of the game:

Ten minutes
Must be based around a lyric from a song

The assignment was layered so students could explore basic film conventions either through viewing movies, writing storyboards, etc. Basically a menu of choices the students could do, or not do, for points.

Even if the students fail miserably, they learn via the creative process. Students who took the class more than once kept referring back to previous successes and failures, and without ever having to lecture or direct, the class, as a whole, reflected and learned from past mistakes.

The scout their locations, think about costumes and props, rip off the greats, and follow a process to its logical conclusion.

Yay movies.

Perhaps it's the artist-sadist in me, but it was glorious to watch them care about a project that allowed them to express themselves.

What have they produced?

a short about God and the Devil hosting a late night radio show

a Dear John tear jerker complete with funeral etc.

a pseudo-auto-biographical doc about the challenges of choosing schools:

a trippy psycho exploration of identity:


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