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Grateful to Poets Reading the News for publishing this piece and nominating it for the Pushcart Prize!

Grateful to Poets Reading the News for publishing this piece and nominating it for the Pushcart Prize! Read it here

Also, testing out account connections, forgive my oversharing today, New Year's Eve, 2019.
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Workshop spots available at the ESCC Academy for Lifetime Learning in Feb/March

Workshop spots available for my creative writing class, Thursdays, from Feb through March (2/20, 2/27, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26) at the Eastern Shore Community College (the website is listing the Fall Hours). 4:30-5:30 PM.

From course description:

Students will read poems and short plays, analyzing for content and technique. Students will compose original works. Students will critique each other’s works for content and technique. Prompts will be provided but will not be required. Students are encouraged to go on their nerve with regard to the work they will compose.

"Future Refugees from Accomack County" featured as a broadside on Penultimate Peanut

I forgot to post this one back in September. This prose poem was featured as a broadside in the 9th issue of the Hampton Rhoads literary zine, Penultimate Peanut.

"Mixtape for Expatriate Fantasy" & "Fireman Down. For Two Voices" up at AvantAppal(Achia)

Grateful thanks to AvantAppal(achia) for including two experimental poems in their new winter issue. One, "Mixtape..." is meant to be read track to track, so to speak. Track one of one side goes with Track one of the B side, etc. The other "Fireman Down" is written for two speakers. I've had a lot of interest in these multi-voiced poems from editors etc, but the formatting is a pain in the %^&$. Editors beware indeed.
Happy New Year!

Grateful to have "Young" & "From Here You Can See New Atlantis" up at @ManzanoMtn, new work in Dreamstreets,and two poems up at @PoetryShore

The folks over at Manzano Mountain Review have graciously selected "Young" and "From Here You Can See New Atlantis" (about floods and eco disasters) for their Winter Issue. You can read them here.

Dreamstreets, one of the oldest literary journals in Delaware, showcased some new poems in their Winter Issue, which you can view here.

If you didn't see my new work up at The Shore, a gorgeous new literary journal out of Salisbury, MD., check out "From End of America Fanasmagoria" here, and a poem about my cat, or catwife (that's her, above)  here.

Some new short fiction is forthcoming in 2020, and my novel of weird fiction is still forthcoming; it takes a while to edit an 800 plus page horror-thriller novel.

Marsh Punks included in Helios Quarterly's Best of Anthology, Mulch update, Summer reading

The dystopian eco-disaster "Mad Max with Boats & Sharks" story "How the Dun-in Man Got His Name" will be included in Helios Quarterly's Best of Vol. 1. You can pre-order the best of here.
Helios Quarterly, which is semi-pro & counts towards Sci-Fi Writer's Guild eligibility picked up another marsh punk tale. It will run next year or possibly, 2021. 
Mulch is in the editing queue over at Montag Press. Still on track for a late-year release.
New poetry is forthcoming later this summer.
Summer Reading:
Currently reading new poetry books by Adam Tavel, James Arthur, Ned Balbo--Tavel and Arthur both have great (but very different) Darth Vader poems, I might add. Balbo's music poems delight these old post-punk ears. Currently reading A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George RR Martin.
Still thinking about: If They Come For Us by Fatimah Asghar (poetry), Tradition by Jericho Brown (so good!) ASOFAI --I re-read all those Game of Thrones books from May-J…

Poetry screenshots, writer's notebook, forthcoming work, broadsides, poetry, novel

2018 was kind to me, publishing-wise. A few MFA related journals accepted work, and was featured in a few independent journals, and on the local NPR affiliate. The above is from the Norfolk-Hampton Rhoads centric magazinePenultimate Peanut, and the below pic is from Winnow, a new independent journal.  I'm terrible at updating this blog and have weaned myself from too much twitter and instagram, etc. Reading is far better for my mental health than social media.
There's been plenty of rejection--but this year I upped my submissions to close to 100 (there are 25 plus pieces under consideration & I am shortlisted for two international journals). In other words, I still don't know what I am doing!

In the new year, look for a new broadside from broadsidedpress (yep, broadsided), a new poem in Toe Good, and UFO abduction poem in Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, and (hopefully) a new novel, entitled Mulch, from Montag Press (books worth burning!). I'll put those links …